= Reinforced Chests are new Chests added by the Better Storage mod. They differ from Vanillla Chests in a few ways. They have 12 extra slots for storage and are resistant to Creeper explosions. There are 8 variants of reinforced chests: Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Copper, Tin, Zinc and Silver. All of them but Zinc and Silver are craftable as the metals are not existent in Hexxit. The materials only affect the look, not the quantity that they can hold [please confirm]. You can also lock your reinforced chests by right-clicking the chest with a Lock. They are classified as wooden blocks and as such can be destroyed most efficiently by using Axes.

Just like their normal Minecraft counterparts, they will for a double chest if two Reinforced Chests of the same mineral are placed next to each other.

Crafting Edit

There are a total of eight reinforced chest variants. They are all crafted similarly. You will need:

File:Chests re.jpg
File:Reinforced Chest copy.png


There are several types of Reinforced Chests:


  • Reinforced chests are not compatible with Inventory Tweaks, so there is no way to automatically sort them or to use other Inventory Tweaks functions.
  • In version 1.55 of Inventory Tweaks, the inability to sort has been fixed, but is not for version 1.5.2 which is what Hexxit uses.
  • Some of the types of reinforced chests (i.e. Siver and Zinc) are not craftable as the mods containing the metals they require are not found in the Hexxit modpack.
  • Using a Storage Capsule Station to contain Reinforced Chests will cause the chest to become bugged, and will crash the game.
  • Chest Transporters will not transport Reinforced Chests.

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