Red Alloy Wire is added by Project Red Transmision. Red Alloy Wire acts like Redstone but allows for the signal to be transmitted up to 255 blocks instead of the regular 15.

Crafting Edit

Colored Variants Edit

Red Alloy Wire also comes in the color specific variants. The colors available are identical to the vanilla Minecraft dyes. These will only connect to additional insulated wire of the same color or connect to the bundled cable, colored bundled cable, or non-insulated Red Alloy Wires.

Crafting Edit

The Wool can be of any color to receive the respective insulated wire of the chosen color. The colors cannot be mixed however.

Bundled Cable Edit

Bundled Cable is a space saving block that is used similar to Red Alloy Wire to permit for multiple colored wires or signals to come into a single location. Each Bundled Cable also has a colored variant that will only permit signals of the specified color to continue through the bundled cable.

Crafting Edit

The White Insulated Wire can be replaced with any insulated wire to receive the bundled cable. Template:Grid/Crafting Tabl

In order to obtain a colored bundled cable:

The Lime Dye can be replaced with any appropriate dye of the desired color along with any color variant of bundled cables in order to receive one bundled cable dyed of the dye used in the recipe.

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