For other information about Iron Ingots, see Iron Ingot.

Advanced Genetics Edit

Archimede's Ships Edit

Artifice Edit

BetterStorage Edit

BiblioCraft Edit

BiblioWoods Edit

Biomes O' Plenty Edit

Carpenter's Blocks Edit

Chisel Edit

EnhancedPortals 2 Edit

Flans Mod Edit

Food Plus Edit

Forge Microblocks Edit

Fossil/Archeology: Reported Edit

Galacticraft Edit

Hamster Mod Edit

Liquid XP Edit

MineFactory Reloaded Edit

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Edit

Necromancy Edit

OpenBlocks Edit

ProjectRed Edit

ProjectRed - Exploration Edit

ProjectRed - Transportation Edit

qCraft Edit

Random Things Edit

Statues Edit

Trailmix Edit

Thermal Expansion Edit

Tinkers' Construct Edit

Tropicraft Edit

Weather and Tornadoes Edit

Witchery Edit

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