This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the Crafting Table's GUI screen.


Items in the grid are set by parameters A1 to C3 in the following formation:



{{Grid/Crafting Table
Crafting GUI.png

The OA field accepts 1-99. Leaving it blank will show nothing, using 100 to 109 will only show the last two digits (although this can be utilized to output 01 instead of just 1, for example), using anything higher will only show the last digit.

Other Examples

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Oak Wood Planks
|A2=Oak Wood Planks
|B1=Oak Wood Planks
|B2=Oak Wood Planks
|Output=Crafting Table
Crafting GUI.png

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Crafting Table

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Oak Wood
|Output=Oak Wood Planks

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|B1=Red Mushroom
|B2=Brown Mushroom
|Output=Mushroom Stew
Crafting GUI.png

File Standards

When uploading mod images, the following standard is used:

item name.png -- A 16x16 two dimensional image of the item.

Grid_item name.png -- A 32x32 image of the item as it appears in a player's inventory.

item name_ig.png -- A larger image of the item placed in the game world (for blocks).

See also

Template:Grid/Furnace Template:Grid/Brewing

Resources Used

This is the list of resources used for this template excluding itself:

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